Bulletin (Iowa Agricultural Experiment Station)


This bulletin presents a business analysis of 239 farms in Bremer and Fayette Counties, which are in the heart of the dairying region of northeastern Iowa, and are representative of the type of farming carried on thruout a large share of that area. The field study was made during the summer of 1924 and covered the farm business of the year ending February 29, 1924.

The objectives of this investigation were as follows:

1. To analyze the type of farming and the profits realized in northeastern Iowa, the dairy section of the state.

2. To discover the factors which underlie success or failure on the farms in this region and to measure, if possible, the relative importance of these factors when applied to individual farms.

3. To determine the farm practices which enable some farmers to excel others in single enterprises as well as in the whole farm business.

4. To point out those definite and concrete facts and suggestions which will increase profits from the farm business, and which will stimulate thought toward greater efficiency in production.