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In the extensively researched field of sports history, tennis has been relatively understudied. Additionally, in the history of modern tennis, the contributions of Nick Bollettieri to the current game have been ignored. This study focuses on the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy as a center of extreme training for child tennis players. The formation of the Academy in 1978 occurred at a unique time in American and tennis history, as several factors contributed to the successful enrollment of children to Bollettieri's military-style approach to teaching. Additionally, Bollettieri's unique tennis strategy, which emphasized power over finesse, created athletes that succeeded at all levels of tennis. The unique time that the Academy opened in addition to the unique style taught to students made Bollettieri's athletes some of the most successful players in tennis history. Their success changed tennis forever and marked the introduction of the modern game: a game that focuses primarily on power. With ten world number one players and numerous major tournaments won, Nick Bollettieri should be recognized as the most successful tennis coach in history.

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