Peer Evaluations in OpenTBL

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Fall 8-25-2017

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ThinkSpace Learning Community

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August 25, 2017

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2030 Morrill Hall


Peer Evaluations are an essential part of OPenTBL, but are very tedious and time consuming to implement on paper. The newly developed peer evaluation tool in OpenTBL offers a technological solution to this problem making peer evaluations easy to make, distribute and manage with the click of a button. In this presentation given to the ThinkSpace Learning Community at Iowa State University, developer James Fiderlick of Sixth Edge gives a detailed demo of the tool and its features from the instructor as well as the student sides.

The peer evaluation tool in OpenTBL is a redesigned and vastly improved version of the peer evaluation tool in ThinkSpace. All ThinkSpace peer evaluation users are encouraged to adopt this tool as soon as possible. Existing ThinkSpace users can sign into OpenTBL with their ThinkSpace log-in. Please visit www.opentbl.com to get started. More information on how to build the peer evaluations is avaialble on www.opentbl.com/support


Highlights of the Peer Evaluation tool in OpenTBL:

  • One click activation
  • Complete download of student scores and qualitative comments
  • Simplified team maker
  • Ability to modify teams any time during the evaluation
  • Easy to monitor and manage the evaluation



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