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Livestock Environment VI

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Louisville, KY


Heat and moisture production rates (HP, MP) of modern broiler chickens (Cobb strain) raised on litter in commercial production settings were determined from environmental and production data collected over 16 consecutive flocks during a three-year period. The flock size averaged 18,800 birds per house, with an average growth period of 56 days. Specific total HP rate (W/kg body mass) obtained from this study is slightly greater than that reported by Reece and Lott (1982) for birds of the same body mass at 21.1°C. However, MP is reduced in modern broiler houses with nipple drinkers. Regression equations were established that predict total, sensible and latent HP in modern broiler houses over common ranges of body mass, air temperature, relative humidity, and lighting conditions.


This proceeding is from Pp. 309-318 in Livestock Environment VI: Proceedings of the 6th International Symposium (21-23 May 2001, Louisville, Kentucky, USA) ed. Richard R. Stowell, Ray Bucklin, and Robert W. Bottcher. Paper No. 701P0201.

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