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2013 ASABE Annual International Meeting

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Kansas City, MO


With the rapid development of the ethanol industry, various research on distillers dried grains with solubles (DDGS) as a main co-product from the ethanol industry has been done in recent years. However, related research about basic properties to DDGS lacks of comprehensiveness. This study examined 18 samples from 10 plants in Midwest area and utilized standard laboratory methods to measure a series of properties. Final results showed moisture content of 8.69% (w.b.), water activity of 0.55, angle of repose of 48.04 º, geometric mean diameter (dgw) of 0.74 mm, geometric standard deviation (Sgw) of 1.72 mm, loose bulk density of 483.9 kg/m3, packed bulk density of 568.5 kg/m3, Hunter L of 56.71, Hunter a of 13.85, Hunter b of 46.51, shear strength of 0.0324 kg/cm2. This study represents another step toward a complete baseline understanding of DDGS.

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