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2013 ASABE Annual International Meeting

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Kansas City, MO


Soybeans have high concentrations of proteins, amino acids and unsaturated lipids. Various soybean products, such as soybean meal, soy protein concentrate, and soy protein isolate are available and have been studied, due to their abundant nutrient contents. They are acceptable substitutes for meat for vegetarians and vegans, due to their high nutritional value. Soy products have been extensively utilized in the animal feed industry as a protein source as well. Unfortunately, there are challenges associated with soybeans and soy products. Soybeans cannot be consumed without being processed. The main problem is the presence of Anti Nutritional Factors (ANFs), which are a major cause of poor protein digestibility. With respect to animal feeds, other problems include morphological and pathological changes, such as abnormalities in the digestive systems in non-ruminant animals. Hence, the objective of this study was to review various methods of processing soybeans, which can reduce anti-nutritional factors, increase nutrient availability, and effectively utilize the nutritional value of soybeans.

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