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2015 ASABE Annual International Meeting

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July 26–29, 2015


New Orleans, LA, United States


The increasing world population has led to higher demand for protein source; Fish is a very good source of protein for humans. Hence, the need for more farmed fish. The aquaculture industry has been recognized as the fastest growing food production system globally, with a 10% increase in production every year. It is also one of the sustainable and reliable growth market for manufactured feed. This study was carried out to optimize cost and environmental performance in the production of aquaculture feed for small scale producers. Techno-economic analysis (TEA) and Life-cycle assessment (LCA) were tools for the analysis. In this study, the cost assessment and environmental assessment will be analyzed for the production of fish meal diet (0.01ton per diet); using a single screw extruder at three different scenarios (10ton/y, 100ton/y, 1000ton/y), The key results for this study and trial will be presented and discussed. Aquatic feed producers can use this tool to evaluate their annual cost, energy consumption and emissions.


This proceeding is from 2015 ASABE Annual International Meeting, Paper No. 152189586, pages 1- (doi: 10.13031/aim.20152189586). St. Joseph, Mich.: ASABE. Posted with permission.

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