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122nd ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition

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June 14–17, 2015


Seattle, WA, United States


With the increase in demand for the global research, scholars in engineering and technology discipline do not hesitate in taking up global opportunity for conducting research. Scholars may lack the skill set to work in an international environment and encounter many surprises during field research, directly impacting their productivity. However, prior information regarding climate, work, and traditional culture, etc. will help scholars to acclimatize faster and produce effective results in new environment. Current research utilizes case study method for data collection and data analysis by drawing on experiences of the authors while conducting 18 months field research in Chhattisgarh, India. Where author one and two worked with various government and private sectors investigating the role of technology adoption and innovation in improving the efficiency of agricultural supply chain addressing the issue of global food security.

This research highlights the potentials and challenges of conducting research in global setting. Additionally, the authors have developed a model that can be adapted by engineering and technology scholars to conduct research effectively in global environment. Furthermore this paper includes different ways in which international collaborators can be efficiently involved in the project (i) before reaching the field, (ii) during the field research and (iii) once the researcher has left the field. This helps build sustainable relationships between engineering and technology scholars and their international collaborators, which increases the proficient exchange of information, which is linked to positive outcome of the project. Lastly, this research enables the engineering and technology scholar to work with underserved communities globally and address the challenges faced by those in their communities in their day to day living.


This proceedings is from the 122nd ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition. Posted with permission.

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