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Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering

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Proceedings of the 44th Croatian and the 4th International Symposium of Agronomists, Opatija, Croatia, 16-20 February 2009

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44th Croatian and 4th International Symposium on Agriculture

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February 16–20, 1999


Opatija, Croatia


Anaerobic digestion of manures provides multiple environmental benefits for animal feeding operations including odor reduction, green house gas emission reduction, and production of a renewable energy source. This paper provides an overview of information sources available in the United States regarding anaerobic digestion of manures. Selection and implementation of an optimal anaerobic digestion system for a given farm requires significant research regarding digester type, biogas production potential, biogas collection and handling, construction cost estimates, and operation and maintenance cost estimates. Practical information concerning anaerobic digestion is dispersed through a number of sources in the U. S. Information sources in this review include items from the federal and state government agencies, land grant universities, and non-profit organizations. The reviewed items provide information related to methane recovery technologies on U.S. concentrated animal feeding operations, economics of biogas production for on-farm heating, case studies of U.S. animal manure digesters, and various other anaerobic digestion resources. A concise review of available US information sources regarding the anaerobic digestion of animal manures is provided to assist in the decision making process concerning selection and implementation of manure anaerobic digesters.



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