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2019 ATMAE Annual Conference

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ATMAE 2019 Annual Conference Presentation Abstracts and Proceedings Papers

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2019 ATMAE Annual Conference. Fueling the Fourth Industrial Revolution: Industry 4.0

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November 6-8, 2019


Charlotte, NC


Following the National Association of Industrial Technology’s (NAIT) name change to the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering (ATMAE), many associated accredited programs followed suit. These programs re-branded themselves using many variations of these terms. To date, seven ATMAE-accredited programs use the terms “Applied Engineering” in their program name. However, none of these programs exist at institutions with ABET-accredited (EAC) engineering programs. This has resulted in a gap in understanding the unique challenges in defining and defending what an “Applied Engineering” degree program is, how it is different than ABET-accredited engineering programs, and what value it holds for stakeholders. This research discusses efforts made, roadblocks encountered, lessons learned, and future recommendations for making one such program name change at a university already offering ABET-accredited (EAC) engineering programs. Considerations for the use of names such as “Applied Engineering”, “Engineering Technology”, and “Industrial Technology” are discussed.


This proceeding is published as Haughery, J. R., Mosher, G. A., Freeman, S. A. "The use of Applied Engineering in an Engineering Dominant Culture." Association of Technology, Management and Applied Engineering 2019 Annual Conference Proceedings, Charlotte, NC. November 6-8, 2019. Posted with permission.

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