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New instructorship of the senior-level beef systems management course at Iowa State University presented the opportunity for curriculum revision. The objective was to conduct a critical course evaluation and update course objectives and student outcomes. Fifteen industry stakeholders were invited to aid in an assessment of course objectives and student preparation for various beef industry careers. Stakeholders participated in a series of surveys patterned after the Delphi process designed to rank the importance of various beef industry aspects that students need to understand prior to entering the industry. The result was a list of industry-determined student outcomes. During Round I, stakeholders anonymously listed outcomes and objectives considered paramount to the course. Results were compiled, and stakeholders individually ranked outcomes by importance during Round II. Round III involved a group discussion on Round II rankings to develop a stakeholder-ranking of course objectives and outcomes. Rankings were condensed into main categories with a composite mean, median, and standard deviation calculated for each category. Final rankings were used to assess and re-design the curriculum as results recommended an increased emphasis should be placed on business management and financial principles. Surveying stakeholders with this Delphi-style method proved to be an effective protocol for instructors to critically evaluate and update course objectives and outcomes relevant to industry needs.


This article is published as Lundy, Erika L., Claire E. Andresen, Steven A. Freeman, Daniel D. Loy, and Patrick J. Gunn. "Utilization of a modified Delphi method for needs assessment and curriculum revision of a senior-level beef systems management course." NACTA Journal 61, no. 3 (2017): 193-196. Posted with permission.

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