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Big Data is permeating through the bigger aspect of human life for scientific and commercial dependencies, especially for massive scale data analytics of beyond the exabyte magnitude. As the footprint of Big Data applications is continuously expanding, the reliability on cloud environments is also increasing to obtain appropriate, robust and affordable services to deal with Big Data challenges. Cloud computing avoids any need to locally maintain the overly scaled computing infrastructure that include not only dedicated space, but the expensive hardware and software also. Several data models to process Big Data are already developed and a number of such models are still emerging, potentially relying on heterogeneous underlying storage technologies, including cloud computing. In this paper, we investigate the growing role of cloud computing in Big Data ecosystem. Also, we propose a novel XCLOUDX {XCloudX, X…X} classification to zoom in to gauge the intuitiveness of the scientific name of the cloud-assisted NoSQL Big Data models and analyze whether XCloudX always uses cloud computing underneath or vice versa. XCloudX symbolizes those NoSQL Big Data models that embody the term “cloud” in their name, where X is any alphanumeric variable. The discussion is strengthen by a set of important case studies. Furthermore, we study the emergence of as-a-Service era, motivated by cloud computing drive and explore the new members beyond traditional cloud computing stack, developed over the last few years.


This is a manuscript of a forthcoming article that will be published as Sharma, Sugam, U. Sunday Tim, Shashi Gadia, and Johnny Wong. "Proliferating Cloud Density through Big Data Ecosystem, Novel XCLOUDX Classification and Emergence of as-a-Service Era." Data Science Journal (2016): 1-20.



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