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IDEC 2006 Conference Proceedings

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IDEC 2006 Annual Conference

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March 28–April 2, 2006


Scottsdale, AZ, United States


Gallini (1989) argues that, “the ability to combine a collection of problems into a meaningful representation, or schema facilitates learning” (p. 244). In a previous study, it was found that introducing a schema-based learning system in the design studio assisted novice designers in a structured, purposeful process, where they began to see patterns of information and use these patterns to develop and refine their design solutions. Their design solutions proved to be significantly better than the other students who did not utilize the instructional interventions. But, does this instructional intervention have any lasting effects with this same group of students? Do these skills transfer to new or novel tasks after a period of time ? The aim of this study is to measure the lasting effects of this learning tool by following this group of students through a new set of transfer tasks approximately one year after the original instructional intervention. Like the previous year study, the effectiveness characteristics were examined from four main areas of a design project: 1) organization of information, 2) categorization of information, 3) application of theory, and 4) overall design. The following research questions were addressed: 1. What are the lasting effects of the schema-based learning tools after one year from the initial implementation of the instructional intervention? Or, what are the problem solving transfer effects of the instructional intervention? 2. Do students, who use these schema-based learning tools, develop projects that are more organized, categorized, more theoretically-based, and have better overall designs, than students who do not use such learning tools?

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