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Interior Design Educators Council 2011 Annual Conference Proceedings

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IDEC 2011 Annual Conference

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March 16–19, 2011


Denver, CO, United States


The purpose of this study is to introduce a new learning tool to the interior design studio, namely, a “digital process book.” Paper-based process books are not new to the studio. A process book includes representations of the activities that occur and artifacts that are constructed as a student completes a design project. It allows the instructor, jurors, and others, to see the processes a student goes through to complete a project. It is also intended to assist students as a tool in the learning and design process. Schenk (2007) similarly describes this process work in the graphic design context as “job bags,” where this material, for the most part, provides the “drawn record” of the design process. However, paperbased process books are mostly a linear compilation of the design process that provides little of the scaffolding that a novice designer neeeds. The goal of this project is to take the existing strengths and capabilities of the computer and other digital technology, and merge them with the positive qualities of the paper-based process work, while also incorporating an underlying structure that is grounded in educational psychology theory.

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