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Biotechnology, gene flow and intellectual property rights: An agricultural summit

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Biotechnology, Gene Flow, and Intellectual Property Rights: An Agricultural Summit

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September 13, 2002


Indianapolis, Indiana


Plant breeding is the art and science of plant improvement via genetic modification. What constitutes plant improvement has to be defined relative to the breeder’s objectives or what the grower, processor, or end-user desires. Growers typically want increased yield, better standability, and other traits that maximize profit. Processors and end-users typically are looking for modifications in the physical or chemical properties of the grain or forage farmers produce that maximize their profits. The desires of producers and processors and end-users sometimes overlap when they result in an increase in value for all of those involved in the production and distribution system.


This proceeding was published as Lamkey, K. R. 2002. GMO's and Gene Flow: A Plant Breeding Perspective. p. 11-20. In: M. A. Martin (ed.) Biotechnology, gene flow and intellectual property rights: An agricultural summit, Indianapolis, IN. 13 Sept. 2002. (RB-995) Purdue University, Lafayette, IN. Posted with permission.

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