Ames Forester


Porteous and Company have evolved a new system of cruising which seems to be gaining favor in the western states. It is a comparatively new system being first tried out experimentally during the fall of 1919 on a job which the Porteous Company had secured in the Gray's Harbor District mapping and cruising sections. As stated the work was to a great extent experimental and consisted in working out Mr. Porteous’ theory which was an improvement and simplification of the Lacey system. As finally worked out, the cruising system used by Porteous and Company which I shall call the Porteous system, is a three run strip system. That is, there are three cruise lines through each forty, and all that trees on a strip a chain wide are tallied. This is in contrast to the block system, in which the trees on a block of an acre are counted every ten chains. The strip system gives a better average, and the timber is more easily and accurately divided into types.



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