Ames Forester


Very interesting it would be to mention the word Michigan to an audience of people more or less familiar with the state and then have flashed on a screen in rapid succession the pictures of what would appear in the minds of each individual. Automobiles, mostly Fords, of course, would no doubt lead the list. Following in their order would then come the Great Lakes, large cities and industries, agriculture, educational institutions, fruit farms, iron and copper mines, good roads, miles of shore line, summer resorts, fish and game and so on down the list of things that all go to display and define a most wonderful State. A few, no doubt, would think of vanishing forests, thousands of idle acres, forest fires and the work being done by the Government and State along Forestry lines, but how much in the minority would be these minds dwelling entirely on futures. It is not unreasonable, therefore, that Forestry is moving slowly in Michigan, nor can it be expected to move faster until forest fires, the scarcity of lumber products, and idle acres become at least as important as Fords in the minds of the majority.



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