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The Forestry Club


The outstanding event of the spring quarter of ‘26 from the standpoint of the Forestry Club was the annual banquet which was held on April 28 in the Banquet Room of the Cranford. Good fellowship held sway and the merry quips of Perk and The Skipper were parried with more o1~ less success by the members of the Senior Class as they attempted to defend themselves from the merciless jibes of the Faculty Prosecution. The solemnity of the occasion was stressed by Jeff in his admonition to the graduates and underclassmen, to walk ever uprightly, with the thought ever in mind that the greatest good to the greatest number in the long run was the ideal toward which to strive, ever remembering 'that in her intercourse with all peoples The Forest Service should always be considered in the right, cattlemen and sheepherders to the contrary notwithstanding!



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