Ames Forester


Forestry practice should become as completely a part of our state and national life as the public school system and the Post Office Department are. The United States Forest Service established in 1905 now has more than 158,000,000 acres of Government land under its direction; is cooperating with many states under the Clark-McNary Act; has charge of a number of experiment stations, and is doing intensive research and investigative work in the Madson Laboratory; forty states have Forestry Departments and thirty states have Extension Foresters, and yet, the people in general have very little idea of what is being done or what is supposed to be done along forestry lines. They know in a vague way that something is being done here and there but have little conception of the whole problem nor realize that they, themselves, have a part in it. Progress is sure to be slow and even stopped entirely in places so long as this condition exists.



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