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A Fur Chat


The first manufacturer, so they tell us, was that ancient man in far-off antiquity who pulled the skin off a furry beast and wrapped it about him. From a pelt, torn off in order to get at the meat of his prey, he had made him a garment. It warmed him, comforted him, protected him from bramble scratches and insect bites. What was it to him that his descendants, a thousand generations down the years, would fashion delicate furs into elaborate, soft robes of exquisite beauty and frailty- the garb of luxury? To him they served primal needs, rough and undressed tho they were. We may wonder, but we can never know, how long man wore skins before he learned to scrape them with the chipped edges of flint scrapers, to have his women chew their edges to make them soft, to dry them and smoke them and oil them and work them into something like flexibility.



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