Ames Forester


Until very recently, these efforts have been practically fruitless. The forces at work obstructing progress along this line simmer down to three major factors: (1) the long-time character of most forest investments; (2) the fear of the many natural agencies which are destructive to forest growing stock; and (3) the inequalities and uncertainties of taxation. The first of these may be corrected only by the building up o£ forests which produce incomes at fairly short intervals, preferably annual sustained yield forests. This building-up process, however, will undoubtedly be slowed down by the other two factors, the most important o£ which is probably the danger of destruction by fire, insects, and fungi. The amelioration of this great obstacle could, and probably will, be accomplished by a combination of insurance with aggressive control measures. The other factor, taxation, while mob generally so destructive to forest investments as the natural agencies, is nevertheless an important obstacle, and one whose removal is urgently needed.



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