Ames Forester


Problems of flood control, erosion prevention, and economic land use occupy today a most prominent place in agricultural thought. But in reading the many discussions and reports of consideration of these problems one is forced to wonder at the repeated exclusion of one of the most fundamental potential factors, namely, the possibilities in heavier types of vegetative cover and tree growth. Until comparatively recently, the soils expert, the agricultural engineer, the engineer and others have proceeded independently along the path of their own individual theories, leaving behind the impression in all too many cases that each considers it beneath his dignity or fears encroachment upon his field and glory to accept anything from the other or concede any benefits to be derived from the other. It is gratifying to note that more and more these old barriers in thought are being torn away and there is a growing recognition on the part of all agencies that there is no one cure-all for these problems. Protection of critical erosion areas with vegetative growth and tree crops on unprofitable agricultural land are assuming proper proportion in the weighing of practical means of solution.



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