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Down the Allegash


Ambajemackomus, Chesuncook, Umbaiooksis-are some of the tongue twisters we struggled with before we really got on the down grade of the alluring Allegash. These are Maine lakes, bewitching and otherwise; enticing to canoers. Twelve of us came up in a truck from Medomac Lake near Rockland, with our beds and a ton of the choicest grub. As we whisked through old Bangor the bells were calling to morning; worship; at Foxcroft we stopped for pork chops, coffee and pie; at Greenville we refreshed with ice cream and sent souvenir post cards. On that glorious Sunday afternoon we skirted the inimitable Moosehead Lake, almost in the shadow of great Katahdin, darted through spruce and birch for the Ripogenus dam which bars the south end of Chesuncook Lake. At our approach, deer, fox and grouse, sauntering along the lonely forest highway, were startled from their day dreaming and scurried into the thicket with as much surprise as our own. This trip comes as a fitting climax to boys, many of whom have spent several season at Medomac Camp for Boys at Washington, Maine.



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