Ames Forester


One of the most pleasant aspects of teaching is the opportunity afforded for association with young men receiving formal instruction in their chosen profession. Many of these men go through the greater part of their college career on the strength of their general interest in forestry and only as they approach graduation do they make a serious attempt to appraise the possibilities of the field for which they have been so busily preparing themselves. When this task has finally been accomplished the results are too often distasteful; forestry is filled up, the opportunities once present are gone, and they have spent four years of their lives pursing a mirage. The reaction is severe and is often made worse by consultation with older individuals who lack the vision necessary to see the future possibilities in forestry. While a short article cannot hope to thoroughly survey the field of forestry it does seem possible to point out some of the brighter points on the horizon in the hope that a fresh viewpoint and angle of attack will encourage those whose immediate future path does not seem any too clear.



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