Ames Forester


Every Forester is fully conscious of the fact that the practice of Forestry, on either public or private land, cannot be successful without adequate fire control. Much time and study may be spent in preparing a complete detailed management plan for an area and a considerable sum expended in applying the plan, all of which may be wiped out by one forest fire in a few short minutes. There is no set formula which prescribes what must be done in order to effect adequate fire control as this varies in different parts of the country and with different types and age classes of forest growth. We must use the information we have available, mainly statistics, and temper this with past experience and good judgement. Within the past few years considerable progress has been made in fire control planning, which is a result of scientific studies made primarily of weather conditions, and the rate of spread and resistance to control of the various fuel types, under different climatic conditions and seasons. Improvements have also been made in fire fighting equipment, fire fighting technique, and personnel training.



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