Ames Forester


Too many people both within and without Iowa have not given a proper appraisal of the forestry interests of Iowa. It is true Iowa does not possess the tremendous forest resources of many parts of the country. However, Iowa timber has a very definite place in the land planning picture of the state. The great preponderance of high class agricultural soil has tended to over-shadow the relatively limited areas of timber soils and poor agricultural lands. However, these poor lands must be taken into account in a complete inventory of land resources. A large part of the total timber land of the country is in farm woodlots. These are usually near the centers of population where forest values should reach their maximum. Unfortunately most of the woodlands have been mismanaged or rather not managed at all. This has left a large part of the timber lands with a badly impaired producing capacity. Iowa's woodlands are in this condition. Some progress in alleviating this situation is being made as will be indicated in this article.



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