Ames Forester


It was my privilege during the latter part of July and early August to spend a week with the forestry students of Iowa State College on Star Island to give a few lectures on the flora of the region. I desire to express my appreciation of the kindness shown me by the forestry students while in camp and for some specimens. Nearly all of the students contributed in one way or another plants of some kind. I am under great obligations to Profs. MacDonald and Morbeck as well as to Mr. Marshall, the forest supervisor and to Miss Rasmussen for many additional favors; to Mr. C. R. Ball for the identification of the willows; to Mr. R. I. Cratty for the identification of species of the genus Carex, and to Dr. Robinson for the determination of the oaks. In addition to the above collectors most of the plants were collected by P. S. McNutt, my son, Harold, and myself. Professor MacDonald furnished me with the photographs. Mr. Bode and Mr. Geisler made a map of the Island showing the main characteristics of the flora. The list of plants is by no means complete. We made a hasty survey of the region of Star Island, Cedar Island1 and in the vicinity of Cass Lake. The early vernal plants had all disappeared.



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