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Big game management is a live topic in Utah. Stockmen’s journals, indignation meetings, and the voice of the man on the street all point to the importance of the problem. There is a wide divergence o£ opinion, however, on the cause, effect, and possible remedy of the problem. Livestock men, while generally in favor of moderate numbers of big game, claim that big game increases have made serious inroads on the livestock forage supply necessitating drastic reductions in livestock. Many sportsmen on the other hand feel that close grazing by livestock is seriously interfering with the game interests of the state. Still others contend that little conflict exists between big game and livestock. One sheepman recently stated, "Used to be that sheepmen around here run five or six bands of sheep-now they are down to one or two-deer have killed out the sheep feed." A hunter takes the opposite viewpoint: "I don't think deer can ever get thick enough to kill out the range alone-sheep do most of the damage."



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