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Let's Face The Facts


Let’s talk about you. So you’re a student forester. Okay; and you figure that maybe you’d like a job with private industry- preferably one related to your training. One night you go down to the Forestry library and gather up a fistful of pamphlets on “Opportunities in Forestry. New Forest Frontiers, Forward We March, etc., etc.,” and you begin to wade through the stuff. After a while your mind becomes log-jammed with facts, figures, statements and counter statements. This is about the time that you begin to think of the “Pretzel Bell,” a table in the corner and a nice cold bottle of brew. But you are determined to banish the beer thought from your mind so you pitch into those pamphlets harder than ever. A little later you get tired of reading so you start to mentally catalogue and digest the stuff you just went over. You say to yourself, “Let’s see, a job with private industry is what I think I’d like.” You’re the cold blooded analytical type- you passed through the “Be a Forest Ranger, Fish, Hunt, Cabin Furnished” stage during the third week of your freshman year.



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