Ames Forester


Iowa State College was one of the first schools to give some organized training in forestry subjects. As far back as 1874 the college included a department of Horticulture and Forestry. Although sketchy from the 1948 viewpoint, the forestry instructional program, at that early date, "embraced seedbeds, hedging, economical aboriculture, (practical forestry) and shelterbelts," which made up a part of the four year course for the department. This early instructional work at the college was an outgrowth of unusual activity of the state in tree planting, shelterbelts and fruit trees. At that early date Iowa was probably more active in this general field than any of the other states. This came about through federal and state legislation and state organizations, especially the Iowa Horticultural Society. A number of both practical and scientific men seemed to foresee the needs for protective tree planting in a prairie state like Iowa.



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