Ames Forester


“It being my belief that too much of the native forest in this state is being cut off, I will and devise to the Forestry Department of the Iowa State Agricultural College my Three-Hundred and Ten acre tract of timber land, vis.: The S. E. ¼ of Sec. 36 T88 Range 4 West; arid the S. W. ¼ of See. 31, except 10 acres, of T88 Range 3 West; it being my intents that so far as feasible this tract shall be preserved as woodland and as a monument to both my father and my mother." with this statement from the will of the late Emma L. Brayton of Delaware County, the Forestry Department came into possession of a 305 acre tract of timberland located three miles north of Hopkinton in Delaware County, Iowa.



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