Ames Forester


Practically all timber cut from Indian land is sold by actual scale, so the scaling is one of the most important parts of every timber sale. Large sales are often made, requiring several years to cut and necessitating several camps in operation all the time. Each camp requires a scaler, so several scalers are usually employed all the time. The men who fill these positions are chosen from the best scalers in the community and have usually had several years' experience. This would seem sufficient precaution to take to obtain a good fair scale to all parties concerned, but it has been found true in all lines of work where a man does the same thing day after day that he becomes more or less mechanical in its performance, and this is true in scaling logs the same as in other work. To obviate this tendency and to keep the scalers alert at all times, the U. S. Indian Service has inaugurated a system of scaling and check scaling which brings out the best efforts of the men at all times and incidentally gives as nearly a correct scale of the logs as it is possible to obtain.



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