Ames Forester


The question often comes up in the mind of the student of Forestry, as to what branch or phase of his profession he will specialize in. During the last few years the growth of Forestry as a profession has been rapid and from the comparatively limited field of a few years ago, it has •developed into an occupation of many and broad possibilities. The lumberman is coming to see that his timber supply will become exhausted unless closer utilization is practised. The steam and electric railroads and the telephone and telegraph companies are beginning to realize the great saving that will be effected by the use of preservative treated wood. The cities are becoming aware of the value of their park and shade trees and the necessity of conserving them. The Government Forest Service attracts perhaps more men of the forestry profession than does any other single field of activity. One of the most important as well as interesting branches of Forest Service work is that carried on at the various Government Experiment Stations.



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