Ames Forester


The forestry course at the Iowa State College has developed as the need of forestry training became more pronounced. The present course represents the changes and additions of twenty years. In fact, as early as the year 1879 a course of forestry was taught which made use of Bryant's ''Forest Trees'' as a text. At this early date the college was maintaining forestry plantations and a nursery for instructional and experimental purposes. Also a collection of American and exotic woods had been accumulated for instructional purposes. In 1880 the college had a department of instructor of Horticulture and Forestry. At this time this combined course included a subject, ''The general principles of forestry," which required Fuller's text. Up to the year 1904 the forestry work offered at the college was general, including the principles of the subject, identification of trees, woods, etc., and it was in 1905 when the more specialized work in forestry began to •be developed. At this date, in addition to a general course in farm forestry offered to the agricultural students, the students of horticulture and forestry were 'offered separate courses in elementary forestry, silviculture, forest management and policy, and wood technology. From 1905 to the present time, many additions and changes have been made in keeping pace with the rapid development of the forestry profession.



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