Ames Forester


Over half (593) of the 502 million acres of commercial forest land in the United States is owned by four million private, nonindustrial owners, in tracts of 5000 acres or less (Craig 1974). Because it is estimated that in thirty years the demand for wood in the U.S. will exceed the supply, it is these small forest lands that are now coming into the spotlight (USDA 1975). As the Forest Service stated in its "Outlook For Timber in the United States" (1972): ''Many of these privately held woodlots include highly productive timber sites, and most are close to markets for timber products. These ownerships consequently have long been of major importance as a source of timber supplies for the wood-using industries" (Kelly 1975). Good management of these small woodlost is very important to the future supply of timber in the U.S.



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