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There are more than four million private nonindustrial wood land owners in the lower 48 states of the United States. They own 300 million acres or 59 percent of the potentially productive forest land. In the eastern part of the country the proportion of forest land in small private holdings is 73 percent. In the Northeast and the Lake states 56 percent of these holdings are owned by non-farmers such as teachers, doctors, lawyers, businessmen, hunting clubs, and just plain citizens who love the outdoors. Most of the remainder is owned by farmers. The average holding is small but in all they contain 38 percent of the commercial timber volume. Thus, the small woodland owner controls a major portion of both timber supply and the environmental values such as wildlife habitat, recreation, pure water, and aesthetics. It is time that we realized these facts and promoted an effective partnership between the woodland owners and the public to attain both the timber and the environmental values, while at the same time preserving the forest-soil-sitewater ecosystem. What do most



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