Ames Forester


THANKS to planning put forth by department heads and architects 15 years gone, my desk looks out on a panorama from Old Botany to the southwest around to Lush auditorium and Animal Science to the northeast. In the arc in between I see views that have been familiar to me ever since 1939 when I first saw Iowa State College as a green farm boy from Pecatonica. Within view are Home Ee., where you can still buy cherry pies at VEISHEA and where the only girls we ever got to know had their classes; the big glacial erratic with the fine granite dikes in it that was brought onto campus in memory of Doc Gwynne because he always took students out in the woods to see it; the riding horse paddock by the railroad tracks which, even now, isn't far from the old ROTC cavalry horse "bull pen" where we all learned to ride, Artillery style, and found that after a hot afternoon with the horses no civilian would sit near us.



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