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The 1985-86 year for the Iowa State University Society of American Foresters Student Chapter was a busy one with many fun and interesting activities. In July, students, faculty, and alumni attended the SAF National Convention in Ft. Collins, Colorado. Each year, from opening session to closing speech, the conventions have offered a broad spectrum of information on all aspects of forestry, and this convention was no exception. From remote sensing, policy, recreation, hydrology, and silviculture, to name a few, foresters participated in increasing professionalism and scientific knowledge in our field. The topic of women in forestry took a front seat at the convention this year. The current roles held by women foresters, and the opportunities that the future holds, were among many topics covered. The student tour, as good as ever, allowed the students to see the different ecosystems as the bus climbed in elevation to Rocky Mountain National Park. That night's entertainment included a chuckwagon supper and a real live cowboy band in Estes Park. Along with the advance in knowledge offered, was the chance to meet again with old friends and respected professionals.



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