Ames Forester


The 1987 Forestry Camp was held from June 27 through August 5, 1987 at the Lubrecht Experimental Forest, Greenough, Montana. The late start was due to another group slated to use the Lubrecht for the first three weeks in June. ISU foresters have used this University of Montana facility several times over the 73 years of forestry camp. This year, as in past years the students and staff enjoyed the hospitality of the staff and natural resources professionals who helped with tours or field exercises. The success of the camp was due largely to three factors: 1) a great bunch of students eager to learn and willing to endure our high expectations, 2) exceptional support and aid from the Lubrecht staff of Mr. Hank Goetz, Manager, Mr. Frank Maas, Assistant Manager, and Dr. Robert (Bob) Pfister, Project Director of the Mission Oriented Research Project (MORP), and 3) a dedicated, enthusiastic staff consisting of Dr. Richard (Dick) Schultz, Dr. Monlin Kuo and myself.



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