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ISU Forestry Club


There is more to college than studying, and the ISU Forestry Club is one of the alternatives. The ISU Forestry Club has had a very full year of activities. The year started off with the annual Freshman Welcome Picnic. Fifty students and faculty members got together one afternoon at a local Ames park for volleyball, brats, and conversation. This gave the incoming freshman an opportunity to meet many of the faculty and forestry students at ISU. Further in the semester, the club ventured to the forestry greenhouses to plant 7,400 seedlings to give away at VEISHEA. Special thanks goes to Rich Faltonson for his help with the project. A new activity this year was a potluck dinner for the entire forestry family. A Christmas potluck dinner took place in Bessey one Sunday night. Faculty, staff, undergraduates, graduate students, and their family and friends all gathered together for an exceptional meal.



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