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Washington Monsoon


I spent my summer working for Kern's Furniture in Hoquiam, Washington. Hoquiam · is about 40· miles west of Olympia and lies on the shore of Gray's Harbor, about 15miles inland from the Pacific Coast. I spent most of my time putting wood putty in knot holes, and asawhole, thejobwasaboutas exciting as a Botany 310 lab, but the entire area surrounding the harbor was dependent upon the forest for its economic livelihood and was an excellent place for an Iowa forester to become acquainted with Northwest forestxy. Hoquiam lies in the rain shadow of the Olympic Mo~ntains and gets about 80- 90 inches of rain per year, mostly in the winter. I arrived in Hoquiam June 1, and didn't even see the sun for about a month, evexyday looked just like the one before it-overcast and rainy-really had to get used to.



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