Ames Forester


The first Fall Forestry Camp was held from September 25 through October 16, 1993 at Topton, North Carolina. Thirty-two forestry students and two instructors "did the first fall camp" and enjoyed the experience. The shift from summer camp to fall camp went smoothly. And, based on student response, it seems to be achieving the goal of integrating many forestry topics such as forest biology/ecology, forest measurements (menso, growth and yield), forest policy and administration, forest economics and decision-making, and harvesting and wood products. Fall Forestry Camp is a fast-paced educational experience. We build on topics, concepts, and techniques covered earlier in the semester. After Fall Camp we then use the information, data, and knowledge gained from the full immersion in a particular forest environment (biotic, abiotic and social) to support additional learning in the other five sophomore-level integrated courses.



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