Ames Forester


As I sit here in my office reflecting back over the seventeen years of my career in Forestry, I am surrounded by numerous mementos from my past. A wooden carved dairy cow to remind me of my years at the ISU dairy farm where I was employed during and after my college years, a laser craft pen and pencil holder given to me by my fellow employees when I worked in Inchelium, Washington for the Colville Tribal Forest, pictures of a Boeing Vertol twin blade helicopter from Columbia, Helicopter pilot whom I had the thrill and privilege of working with on helicopter logging studies as well as wild fire suppression out west, several western and eastern pine cones, an appreciation plaque from my co-workers in the district where I worked prior to my current district here in North Carolina, reference books from my forestry courses taken at ISU (yes, believe it or not, they do come in handy from time to time), my diploma (to prove I really did go to college - and finished), and last but not least, pictures of my wonderful family.



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