Ames Forester


Forestry courses at Iowa State College . started in the year 1878, and have continued, expanded and flourished since that time. In 1913, the Ames Forester became a yearly tradition at Iowa State. In the first edition there is an article entitled "The Making Of An Ames Forester". It mentions the Ames motto of "Science with Practice". This motto was created years ago and continues to apply to forestry at Iowa State today, so I thought it would be perfect for a past to present comparison of the Summer/Fall camp period for the 'Roots to Shoots' issue of this years Ames Forester. I read the article thinking it was about the publication, but instead I found the groundwork that had been laid for the creation of what was then referred to as the 'Summer Camp' period, and is now referred to as 'Fall Camp' period.



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