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Remembering Fred


June. 1966. Almost 35 years ago now. That's the first clear recollection I have of Fred Hopkins. He was in his 7th year of being a faculty member at Iowa State's Department of Forestry, and I was in my first year of being a student in the same department. The occasion was the forestry summer camp that was being held near Greenough, Montana that year. During those eight weeks, I started to get to know Fred, and my first impressions of him were exactly the same as my last impressions of him; a gentle, caring individual who was genuinely interested in seeing forestry students succeed in life. At the time of that camp, I knew he would be my instructor, not only at camp, but also in other economics classes back on campus. I don't suppose it dawned on me, however, that he would become a personal friend and colleague during the ensuing 35 years.



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