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2001 Conclave Retreat


In late fall, the ISU Forestry Club ventured up to northern Minnesota for the annual Conclave Retreat. The weekend was paid for by the Forestry Club, which was greatly appreciated by the students. For most all of us, this was the first time attending a Conclave or any other event like it. We learned about some of the competitive events out at Professor Jungst’s farm a night before the trip. This one night of practice paled in comparison to the other teams that had been preparing for this competition forever. Nonetheless, we placed fourth out of the ten teams. This is a placing that we are very proud of because of the odds against us. We all worked as a team half the size of the others and never gave up, and for that, we also earned the Best Sportsmanship saw award. This is the award we are most proud of because we knew we gave it our all that day. We would all agree that Walker Warner definitely had something to do with our winning this award because when he was speed chopping he never gave up until he finished and was a hero the rest of the day at camp and is still our hero.



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