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Elwood Roy "Woody" Hart


After my experience with the British Forestry Commission while on Faculty Improvement Leave in 1973 and personal reflections on 20 years of teaching Forest Pathology and Wood Deterioration at Iowa State University. I became convinced that students were cheated without a more integrated approach to pest management. Therefore, in 1975, I approached Dr. Elwood R. Hart of the Department of Entomology concerning the possibility of a two-quarter sequence of courses in Forest Pest Management where he and I would lead a truly cooperative, integrated teaching endeavor. Our initial course was taught during the winter quarter, 1976-77. My sincere thanks go to “Woody” Hart for tolerating a forest pathologist and sharing an educational philosophy that has enabled two very different people to teach and share a glorious experience together for 22 years. Since I retired, this shared experience has been greatly missed.



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