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The Forestry Program


The need of drastic steps in our forestry program is not questioned by the majority of people who take time to consider the condition of our forest resources. Definite action on the part of the federal government and the state is conceded to be a necessity by those in closest touch with our economic pulse. The best means of accomplishing a nation-wide forestry program is a debatable question but the same end is desirable to all foresters and other citizens looking to the welfare of the country. It does not require the aid of the economist or forester to point out the shallowness of our present forest policy. We are somewhat in the position of the colored gentleman who turned down a good salaried job with the statement "No sah, I has a quarter in my pocket already." With our forest resources slipping away five or six times-as fast as timber is being produced, it is no wonder- that the public is beginning to be aroused. Even those who have no thought for the future are having their eyes opened by current lumber prices, freight rates and the shortage of some classes of lumber.



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