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SAF National Convention


This year's Society of American Foresters National Convention was held in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Six ISU forestry students attended from October 5-9, including Scott Dowling, Matt Latiolais, Mike McCauley, Megan Sweeney, Nicky Webb, and Spencer Wicks. After landing in Greensboro, NC, a new friend of ISU forestry was discovered. Waiting for his own flight was none other than Richard Simmons! The crazy, frizzy-haired, spandex-clad little man was filled with just as much energy as When he’s “sweatin' to the oldies", or on the Late Show with David Letterman. He organized the picture above and proceeded to give the gals in the group hugs and kisses, shook everyone's hand, and gave Scott the new nickname of “mountain man". For the next four days, weeks to come, and heck, the whole year, this brush with greatness was re-lived over and over again. Any forester at the convention who spoke with one of the Iowa Staters was likely to hear the tale of Richard.



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