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Forty t ensile tests were carried out on normal alpha uranium in order to determine the influence of the rate of loading and temperature on its tensile properties . These tests were conducted at eleven different temperatures in the temperature range from 25 1to 600°C for three constant loading rates (0 . 0017 min -l, 0 . 0130 min- , and 0. 0400 min -1) . The properties considered were tensile strength, per cent elongation (in 1. 5 in. gage length), percentage reduction in area, yield strength, and modulus of elasticity. All of these properties were more strongly affected by a change in temperature than they were by a change in rate of loading. Graphs showing data for each of the five properties vs temperature and also as a function of rate of loading are ·displayed to indicate specific effects. Original stress-strain curves included along with graphs indicating the slopes of each of these. curves (subsequent to the initial elastic strain portion) as a function of temperature and rate of loading.

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